(this is kellys anon) well my hair is not like white people hair at all im colombian so my natural hair is frizzy and curly and poofy so its nothing like whites and ive looked some stuff up and i havent found anything that works for me but thank you my only option is to shave my head im going to have to convince my parents somehow during the summer so i have time to grow it out before school

yeah i’m sorry u have to be bald but at least for the warm weather !!!!! warm the bald head in the sun!!!! but it’s good you’re getting rid of em you should know that yr doing the right thing. plus always fun to shave ur head once in ur life yknow i’m sure your parents can cope it’s just hair right

we need to talk about kevin, 2011




19-year-old Ayaka on Cat Street in Harajuku wearing a bear dress by the Japanese brand Ne-Net & New Balance sneakers. Full Look

yeah that's why i was like o gosh i hope i'm not steppin a boundary here. i support nb's all the way, especially young teens explorin their gender identities!! its not even a matter that they make me angry (thats definitely not for me to get angry about nope nope ) its that its confusing and hard for someone with a slow head and if i dont figure stuff out immediately its a very touchy subject and it's just hard. do cis people seriously use cutesy pronouns though? that's so FUCKIGN

i’m glad you understand, you’re a good egg,yeah i’ve seen a couple people do it ? i mean moreso people just trying to ‘fit in’ with some sort of community on tumblr like it’s just frustrating with a person here and there who doesn’t actually give a shit about their gender they just wanna sound Cool

Harry at the Kings game in LA. (4/22)